Efficient banking for everyone everywhere

We harness the power of decentralisation, security and scalability to build robust, asset agnostic financial products and services.

Core products

Dedicated to providing next-generation suite of Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) solutions.
Distributed Consensus Database
Communication protocols
One source of truth

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Introducing JustPay Wallet, the first application on Tagion - a decentralised network for high-volume transactions. Securely store and effortlessly send/receive TGN.
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Process and services

Tokenisation from inception to completion
We offer comprehensive support for fintech entrepreneurs and businesses, from developing business ideas and Whitepapers, to legal document creation, sales and operations, AML/KYC compliance, contract and cash flow management. Our team prepares NFT and Token workflows, tests and iterates before launching. We work side-by-side with integration partners to ensure all needs are met.
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Banking services and payment solutions
Our cutting-edge DLT engine is designed to support the development of integrated banking platforms with core crypto capabilities. Power your business with our customisable financial solutions and governance models. We tailor to fit your unique business model, helping to enhance growth and set the benchmark for the future of banking.
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Supply Chain Management
Benefit from greater supply chain visibility, trusted data across ecosystems, reduced processing times and easy coordination on a shared, secure ledger. We facilitate design thinking, prototyping and delivery of entreprise, purpose-built architectures to meet specific industry needs. Our support covers in-depth knowledge on governance, incentives, offline viability and synchronization, consensus of ownership, high volume, scalability and fair ordering of data.
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Easy to use SDKs for integration partners
Our integration tools are user-friendly and intuitive, making it simple to build custom integrations or connect across multiple products and services using DECARD technology.
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Our integration partners

We've formed partnerships with Africa investor (AI), an institutional investment holding platform, and VENZO, a digital consultancy company. Together we build and scale financial products, designed to meet the unique needs and demands of modern consumers.

Africa investor (AI) and DECARD announce partnership at COP27
VENZO is a Nordic leader in digital transformation with extensive experience in all aspects of digital strategy and technology
Aecorn - unlocking nature`s potential with innovative funding tools

“We are dedicated to mobilising, deploying and accelerating climate capital at scale”

Hubert Danso, CEO and Chairman at Africa Investor
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